How to make a sketch?

There are more than seven billion of us on earth and we do not have the same physical features. Even though some people look exactly alike, we can tell them apart. With portraits, we can notice differences. But with robot portraits, it is even more accurate.

What is a sketch?

The sketch is not a photographic representation. It is a schematic representation of a person who is wanted for committing some act. It presents the person in the smallest details provided by a descriptor. It can also be used for wanted notices. Who can do it?

Who is qualified to do such a portrait?

In this case, the portraitist is a professional and expert in portraiture and trained by the forensic police. The expert creates his work according to the information received from the victim. Nevertheless, two victims may give different descriptions. It depends on the circumstances in which each of them met the suspect.

How is the sketch made?

In order to create a composite portrait, the police have thousands and thousands of elements of the human body (chins, beards, hair, noses, looks, etc.) at their disposal in their refectory, allowing them to create an infinite number of faces.
The police give the victim 48 hours to come back to herself, to consolidate her memories for the description of her attacker, whose image was hidden in her unconscious. After this period, the specialist asks the victim to relive the moment of the attack and to describe the more or less precise physical appearance of the attacker.
The more painful the attack, the more details of the events are remembered. Thus the bigger victims will lead to a more perfect realisation of a sketch. Since they have suffered more at the hands of their abuser there is enough recorded in their memory.

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