The most expensive artworks in the world.

Thousands of artists produce several works worldwide. The quality and price of the works of art are in a very classical order. In this article we will present the most expensive works of art in the world.

The art of painting, a sensitive activity

Paintings painted in different eras by masters practicing the craft, that's what we are talking about. Let us note that painting is a source of passion of many people who, during their whole life devoted time only to paint pictures according to the direction of their inspiration.

Top 7 most expensive works of art

1- Salvator mundi
It cost the Prince of Saudi Arabia 450 million at an auction in 2017. Leonardo da Vinci created it in the year 1500.

2- When are you getting married? And Interchange.
These two paintings are tied with a price of 300 million.

3- The Card Players.
Currently owned by the family of Qatar Cézanne's work, it is the only one in his series to be bought by an individual. It costs 274 million dollars.

4- Number 17A.
Jackson Pollock is the author of this work of art dating from 1948. This work, which is inseparable from its author, was acquired for $202 million at a private sale in 2016 by Ken Griffin.

5- N.6, abstract green, purple and red.
Made in 1951 and sold in 2014 by Mari Rothko and Dmitry Ribolovlev respectively. It cost $186 million.

6- The Women of Algiers
This painting is painted by Picasso as a tribute to all the paintings he loved. The particularity of this painting is that it was until 2015, the most expensive painting before being replaced in this new ranking. It cost $179 million.

7- Amedeo Modigliani
From the Nude and Reclining category, Amedeo Modigliani is a 1917 work by the Parisian master. It is estimated at $170 million and was sold in 2015 at auction by Christie's New York.