What are the world's best art events?

Every year, the world is animated by several events that should not be overlooked. The artists in their global assembly have moved the world. A Top 7 of the best art events are presented in this article.

What to know about an arts event

It is a national, international or global moment of artists during which they demonstrate their talents, or make an exhibition of their works. Fairs, exhibitions, giant concerts, multiple art events are frequently organised around the world.

Top 7 art events in the world

1-Art Basel Miami Beach
It is an event organized in December in Brazil
2- Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, November 7-10
This Fair has been set up since 2014 and brings together at each edition dealers, artists, collectors, sponsors without a particular interest.3-ART X LAGOS 2019
Art X is organised in Nigeria in Lagos. It is considered as the successor of West African Frieze of dynamic women practitioners of the scene.
4- Paris Photo, November 7-10
This big event hosted over 2000 people. Art publishers, photographers, presenters of historical and contemporary works. This event aimed to raise awareness and contribute to the development of photography.
5- West Bund Art & Design Fair, in November
Established in 2014, its mission is to provide exhibiting artists in Shanghai with a platform for their exhibition. Thanks to this great art organization, the city of Shanghai has become a must-see place for the art calendar.
6- Fine Art Paris, November 13-17
This 2017 art fair is organised by master designers and now brings together over 40 international galleries. It focuses on art from the past to the present.
7- Cologne Fine Art Fair, November 21-24
Founded in Germany in 1970, it is in the category of fair art. This fair organises selections of artistic works from antiquity to the present day. More than 15,000 visitors from all over the world attend the fair, which includes 90 professional art galleries.